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2020 Updates

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May 2020

Wheat Harvest is going strong. Click on the pic to get a peek into some of the work it takes to build a silage pile.

Thanks to Michael VW Drones for the video.

April 2020

We are thankful for the recent rain. Now our team is thankful for the clear skies so we can begin the Wheat harvest.

Swathing at Diamond J Dairy today. 

Getting the trailers out to Vista Verde for the Alfalfa chop.

March 2020

We are getting ready for the harvest season. We are thankful for the opportunity to keep working to provide wholesome & nutritious food for our communities.

February 2020

Thanks to Salvo Image for this great drone shot of Diamond J Dairy.

Horses are ready to roll... Gorgeous weather is maturing crops quick. Wheat harvest is right around the corner!

Teddering grass hay in February! Kicking off 2020 harvest season.

January 2020

We enter the new year with gratitude for the past and

anticipation for what this new year brings!  

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