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Liquid Manure & Slurry Spreading

What are the benefits?

  • Applies valuable nutrients evenly across your fields.
  • Decrease purchased fertilizer expense.
  • Delivers nutrient rich solids across fields more evenly than by pipeline alone.
  • Effectively cleans solids out of your lagoon.
  • Allows more room in your lagoon for fresh water to flush lanes and maximize foot health of your herd.

Manure Results/Sampling

As part of our manure/slurry spreading services we complete 1 complimentary sample of your slurry and report how valuable your nutrient recycling is to their business both financially and agronomically.

Dairy manure is an excellent fertilizer, providing nutrients such as Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Phosphate, Potassium, and Potash. Nutrient content varies based on time of year, frequency of cleaning lagoon, ration and other factors.

Units listed above are based on a per 10,000 gallon (45 ton) load. Typically,

1-2 loads per acre.

Liquid Manure/Slurry Application

Additional Benefits to slurry spreading:

  • Improves whole farm nutrient balance by effectively recycling nutrients back through the system.
  • Soil & Crop Adviser recommended.

Lagoon Crawler 

Benefits of Good Agitation:

  • Most effective way of agitating lagoon solid build up on the market.
  • Well-agitated manure is predictable and consistent. Its nutrient content can be spread evenly throughout the field when applied through quality slurry application.
  • Good agitation and application increases organic material in soil which also increases moisture retention.
  • By reducing hills and solid build up you increase storage capacity in the lagoon.

Planting Corn:

Land preparations begin in April immediately after harvest of the winter forage.

Manure Gallery/Videos (click here)

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